Our proposition is simple.  We aim to deliver the best every time and make that commercially affordable by introducing processes and technology to increase efficiency, minimise waste and ensure that all our efforts are focused on the job at hand.  We are not the cheapest show in town, but we believe that the standards we achieve assure our clients the maximum return on their investment.  In the long run therefore we indeed cost less and contribute more.

English – The New Lingua Franca?

Spoken language and the written word are the DNA of everyday life and of business.  In fact, without the written word or spoken language, we would not even know about DNA or many other scientific inventions.  Read more

Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s – The costs of getting it wrong

Millions of dollars, pounds, Euros and working hours are expended every day by companies to get to top of the Google listings, to make sure their business booms.  Read more

Beware the Geeks bearing gifts

The proposed flotation of the social media company on the US stock market is the latest chapter in the on-going soap opera of the internet and social media juggernaut that seems to have entranced the entire Western Hemisphere in its grasp.  Read more

We Care

While we take great pride in our professionalism and businesslike approach we try to balance that with a compassionate perspective on humanitarian, environmental and animal issues.

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