The relationship between you and your interpreter could win or lose sales, make the difference between the success and failure of an idea, or even the survival of an entire organisation.  That’s why the Unicom approach to interpreting starts by establishing the right partnerships.

The partnership

Each of our interpreters is not only proficient in both their specialist language and your mother tongue.  They are smart, well-educated and business savvy language specialists, ready to work in partnership with you to help you stay on top of conversations and presentations and convey your ideas with passion and commitment.  Chemistry is important.  Your interpreter must know instinctively what is important to you and in boardroom-type situations be able to keep you in the conversation and aware of nuances and asides that occur between other delegates around the table, so we invest time to make sure that your interpreter and you are right for each other.

The objective

The priority of a Unicom interpreter is to ensure that your contribution to any interaction earns you respect and that process starts well before the interaction itself.  Your Unicom interpreter will work with you on speechwriting, presentation technique and act as your window on the culture of the people you are dealing with.

For conference organisers

If you are a conference organiser we can provide interpreters to cover multiple languages and supply the hardware and equipment you’ll need to ensure delegates go away with accurate information and the best possible impression of your organisation.


Our fees are time-based, and we will produce a work programme with you and agree our fees before we start work.

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Great language blunder

The strap line “Turn it loose” on the advertising for the American beer company Coors, when translated to Spanish reads “suffer from diarrhea”!