Seven out of ten international business managers take language skills as an early indicator of an organisation’s competence.

The first communication your organisation is likely to have with any potential new customer or business partner is the written word.  Mistakes could make the difference between establishing a relationship and being rejected out of hand and may damage your credibility permanently, setting your sales process back weeks or even months, which in today’s marketplace could mean the difference between business success and failure.

Be confident in what you say with our Premium process

The Unicom translation process ensures rigorously accurate translations that add weight to your message, speed up the overall sales process and save you money overall.

Respond quickly to short-term opportunities and needs with Unicom Basic Plus

Sometimes response time is everything, and for those moments we pull out all the stops with our Basic Plus option.

Unicom Creative gives you scope to really express yourself

Unicom isn’t just about mechanical translation; we are language experts and frequently work with creative writers to help them explore the full expressive range of any language.

Great language blunder

The strap line “Turn it loose” on the advertising for the American beer company Coors, when translated to Spanish reads “suffer from diarrhea”!