About Unicom

Unicom is one of the longest-standing language specialists in Prague.  Founded in 1995 by a small core of translators led by Valerie Bernardova, Unicom quickly distinguished itself as a prestige resource in a town that was over-populated with self-proclaimed language experts.

We built our business around a core of high-level commercial, EU, judicial and government clients and as competitors fell by the wayside we underlined our superiority with the acquisition of ISO 9001 accreditation.

Our proposition is simple.  We aim to deliver the best every time and make that commercially affordable by introducing processes and technology to increase efficiency, minimise waste and ensure that all our efforts are focused on the job at hand.  We are not the cheapest show in town, but we believe that the standards we achieve assure our clients the maximum return on their investment.  In the long run therefore we indeed cost less and contribute more.

We believe that business success is ultimately driven by communications and that the degree of success is directly proportional to the quality of your communication.  In today’s tough markets, no organisation can afford to deliver anything but the very best.  By being the best, we bring only greater success to our clients.

Today Valerie is supported by a team of leading language experts with complementary skills and a variety of perspectives that enable us to provide advice and support to our clients on any aspect of language in business.  They in turn call on a pool of dedicated experts who, in addition to their own academic and professional achievements, have all gone through Unicom’s own training and signed up to our approach to our work.

The Unicom process

Work with Unicom

We place a high value on skilled and dedicated people, so if you feel that you can measure up to the standards we set we will be pleased to hear from you. Send your CV with a letter explaining what you feel you could bring to our organisation to work@unicom-prague.cz

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We Care

While we take great pride in our professionalism and businesslike approach we try to balance that with a compassionate perspective on humanitarian, environmental and animal issues.

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