Cooperating with Unicom

We place a high value on skilled and dedicated people, and we are always glad to meet with new experts with well-honed skills. But we are also happy to discover new talent. While no doubt degrees may be solid assets, we know from experience that they are not the only or even always the best qualifications. As in other professional areas, it is ever clearer that expertise gained in professional settings, taking online courses or even simply a profound interest in a given field combined with passion for language can provide precious skills. Whether you already have experience in translation, proofreading or copy editing, or simply believe that you could excel in our fields, we will be pleased to hear from you. One has to start somewhere, and to new entrants selected we will provide the necessary support to develop your competence for your new occupation. 

Please send your CV and a short message explaining what assets you feel you have to offer by e-mail to or contact us at the address appearing hereunder. You will then be asked to undergo a language test suited to your stated abilities and knowledge.

Unicom Praha
Americká 17
120 00  Praha 2

If you have any question, you can also contact us at the following number:

+ 420 606 858 396