Unicom Creative

Accuracy isn’t always only about literal translation.  In fact as much business has probably been lost as won by literal translations.  Translation is more often about capturing the essence of a text, and never more so than in the world of marketing communications.

Good copy carries a great deal of information in its subtext, the humour of wordplay and tenses that pose real challenges for most translators.  At Unicom, we appreciate that it’s not simply a matter of sale or no sale; insensitive comments are frequently responsible for inflicting permanent damage on a brand, the cost of which might be measured in millions of dollars.

To accommodate this we introduced our Creative package, which combines the skills of both translators and copywriters and a meticulous process to deliver copy and scripts that say what you really mean and stay true to character.  It works like this:

  1. Deliver your text either personally or electronically.
  2. Talk it through face-to-face or on the phone with your Unicom project manager and agree timing and fees (subsequently confirmed in a formal quotation).
  3. Your Unicom project manager appoints a translator and copywriter and briefs them.
  4. The translator creates an initial draft keeping as closely to the original meaning as possible.
  5. The copywriter goes through the draft highlighting suggestions for text changes.
  6. You have a second meeting with your project manager to discuss the options and make decisions.
  7. The Copywriter enacts these and prepares a final version.
  8. You receive the finished copy or script on the agreed date.

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