Valerie Bernardová

Managing Director

Valerie Bernardová, Unicom’s founder, has over twenty years of experience in translation and interpretation services, including working as the in-house translator and interpreter for Besix, a Belgian construction firm.  In 1995, she founded Unicom, and continues to apply her years of expertise to guarantee that her company produces only the finest translations.  A native Czech speaker, she is also fluent in French and English, and is proficient in Slovak.

Valerie has a profound interest in helping those who cannot help themselves, and to that end has channelled many of the fruits of her success to helping children’s, animal, and nature charities.  She lives in Prague.

Lia Hejdová

Quality Manager

Lia graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, where, as part of her doctorate she studied telecommunications and computer networks in Paris.  She started to work with Unicom Praha during her studies first as a consultant, and after graduation joined as a translator.  In 2003 she completed a legal English translation course at the Faculty of Law, Charles University.

Apart from France, she has lived in Australia and the United States.  From childhood she enjoyed languages, particularly Czech and, except for a few stays abroad, she has remained with Unicom, where she currently works as an in-house translator and quality manager.  At Unicom, she found a stimulating environment working with interesting colleagues who are all specialists in various fields and enjoys having the opportunity to put her natural meticulousness to good use.