A truly international case study

We take great pride in customisation, but from time to time it makes sense for us to share a solution that we devise for one client with others.  Transcribulation is a case in point.

Next time you are making an important speech or giving a vital presentation, add value with this end-to-end combination of services we devised for another of our clients.

Unicom will arrange for conference sound equipment to be installed at your venue and make a recording of your presentation.  You’ll get a copy of this, but we’ll also produce a transcription in the original language, then hand it over to our talented translators to produce accurate reproductions in any other languages for your overseas offices and executives, clients and other delegates.  We can even produce artwork and print bound copies for you to distribute to customers, partners and colleagues around the world for that extra level of professionalism.

If you want to take this idea a step further, we can record the original event on video, create DVDs for distribution and add sub-titles or over-dubs in any language.  But why stop there?  Let us post the video on the Internet so that you can direct customers and prospects to a recording of the entire performance in their language.

Talk to us about the many ways that we can customise our services to meet your needs.

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