Unicom Basic Plus

When you are working to a deadline, the Unicom Basic Plus solution is quick on its feet and will still give you accuracy you can be confident in.

As with every project we take on you’ll connect with your Unicom project manager, who will appoint the best translator for the job and keep the work on deadline in a one- or two-stage process, depending on the time available. It goes like this:

  1. Deliver your text either personally or electronically.
  2. Talk it through face-to-face or on the phone with your Unicom project manager and agree timing and fees (subsequently confirmed in a formal quotation).
  3. Receive your initial translation in a face-to-face or on-line meeting with your project manager. If time permits, pin-point any areas needing closer scrutiny and agree parameters.
  4. Receive finished text ready for use.

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