Unicom Premium Service

There are times when only the absolute best is good enough.  That’s the time for Unicom Premium Service.

This uncompromising approach to translation assures you of text that is accurate in both the literal and emotional sense.  Our meticulous Premium Service process pools the skills of translators, copywriters and industry experts to create authoritative documents that withstand the most rigorous challenges.

Unicom have a steady network of sworn translators and consistently work with experts from the various fields involved, including lawyers, architects and physicians.  We are frequently engaged to work on international commercial agreements and are official translators to the EU.

Our Premium Service process meets the most exacting standards and follows a strict pattern that ensures that no mistakes are made.  This is how it works:

  1. Deliver your text either personally or electronically.
  2. Talk it through face-to-face or on the phone with your Unicom project manager and agree timing and fees (subsequently confirmed in a formal agreement).
  3. Your Unicom project manager will appoint a lead translator, proofreader and reviser (who will have intimate knowledge of both the source and target language) and briefs them.
  4. The lead translator creates an initial draft keeping as closely to the original meaning as possible.
  5. The proofreader will check it and pass it to the reviser.
  6. The reviser then compares the translation with the source text to determine whether it is true to the meaning of the original (as distinct to being a precise literal translation) and makes appropriate changes.
  7. The proofreader will then re-check the translation.
  8. Only when the proofreader and reviser are in agreement that the translation meets all expectations will it be approved and delivered.

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